A Duplicitous Adventure

Taking place in the mystical planes of Lorwyn and Shadowmoor from the “Magic: The Gathering” universe, this campaign will provide an adventure unlike any other, with players shifting between two diametrically opposed realms… and shifting between two very different characters! Every time the sun sets or rises, the realm changes once again, and the characters will have no memory of what just transpired in their parallel lives.

Check out the Encyclopedia Nocturnus under the Wiki tab for info on the setting, races, and character creation.

The Story Thusfar…

In Lorwyn…

It is a time for celebration! Kithkin gather around story circles and Flamekin meditate, their fires glowing bright! Boggarts prepare “footbottom feasts,” extensive banquets of questionable quality, while the Fae bring offerings of flowers and gold to Oona, their queen. Indeed, for all the inhabitants of Lorwyn, the upcoming solar event known as “The Aurora” is a spectacle not to be missed.

It is in the week before The Aurora that dignitaries of several races put aside their differences and convene in a showing of peace and goodwill. Together, they make the long pilgrimage to the Dolmen Gate, a giant earthen henge as ancient as it is mysterious. The paragons meet at a crossroads just outside Goldmeadow and introduce themselves, ready for an exciting adventure.

In Shadowmoor…

Even in this land perpetual darkness, an even greater evil looms just over the horizon: the dreaded “Aurora,” the end of the universe. For a brief moment, the races of Shadowmoor pause from their daily struggle for survival and stand in awe. In one week’s time, the world as they know it may very well come to an end. Begrudgingly, several races send their greatest warriors into the wilds to find a way to circumvent this disaster.

It is at a crossroads in a barren field that, by chance, these powerful beings meet. Bitter and filled with the utmost resentment for the creatures standing across from each of them, these warriors form a temporary truce during which they agree to find source of the wicked Aurora. Together, they just might be able to survive the pitiless land of Shadowmoor… if they can survive each other.

Night and Day

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