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Beginning Your Adventure

Character Creation
This page will detail all of the nitty-gritty details for character creation… as you will need to make two characters, after all!

Legal Races
“Night and Day” has race restrictions. Many of the D&D 4E races have been adapted to the equivalent of races in Lorwyn and Shadowmoor. See the page above for more info.

Mana Alignment
When making your character, choose colors of mana with which to ally yourself. This will serve as the “Background” skill bonus for your characters!

Metacurrency – Elsewhere Flasks
“Night and Day” does not feature traditional experience points. Instead, characters will level up after achieving an important milestone, such as discovering a vital secret or defeating a powerful enemy. To provide extra incentive, Elsewhere Flasks are a special kind of currency which is rewarded for a player doing something well, whether it be stellar role play, creative combat, or even something as simple as showing up to games on time!

The Setting


An idyllic, storybook world of sweeping meadows, lush forests, and rolling hills where the sun never quite dips below the horizon. The weather is always temperate, and the breeze is always sweet in this land of perpetual midsummer. However, that is not to say that there isn’t conflict in Lorwyn; the races feud and squabble over territory and there is always an adventure to be had just over every hill…


A warped, horrific land of constant gloom where the sun never rises and danger lurks at every turn. Life is difficult for each of the sentient races, eking out a meager existence against the largely hostile enemies at their respective borders. Habitable land and fresh resources are perilously rare, and trust between races even more so. To venture out into this cold and unforgiving wilderness is almost certain death…

Notable Locations
Here you will find some concise descriptions of the notable locations in the world of Lorwyn, as well as their Shadowmoor counterparts.

The NPC Races


As the plane of Lorwyn is honeycombed with winding streams and babbling brooks, traditional means of parcel service and message delivery can become tricky. Taking advantage of the intricate system of waterways, the merfolk-like Merrow will serve as couriers and river guides for all of Lorwyn’s races… for a fee, of course. However, Shadowmoor sees Merrow of a different nature; entrepreneurship becomes profiteering. Shadowmoor Merrow are pirates and murderers to anyone who wanders too close to their murky lairs.


Semi-sentient automatons created by the Kithkin to guard their territory. Most scarecrows are made from found objects; scrap metal, bits of wood, animal bones, old clothing, and bales of straw are commonly combined into a scarecrow’s enchanted frame, and as a result, most scarecrows are sufficiently frightening in appearance. They possess limited mobility and speech capabilities, and they tend to wander off after their enchantments begin to weaken. Legend has it that somewhere in the wilds is a haven for lost automatons, governed by a scarecrow king…


Standing only around three feet tall, the Duergar are a rare race of humanoids that live far below the surface of Lorwyn, mining and expanding their tunnel-filled societies. They almost never appear on the surface. In Shadowmoor, the Duergar are blind wretches, who fear and revile the world above them.


Selkies are Lorwyn’s sirens. Although not intrinsically evil, they have been known to lure travelers into their embrace and drown them (perhaps accidentally). Despite the supposed danger they pose, Selkies are great sources of wisdom and tend to speak in riddles. Shadowmoor reveals their true form, transforming the Selkies in Kelpies, corpulent water monsters that flounder about in filthy bogs and swallow passers by whole.


The shapeshifting Puca are fickle and mysterious beings. Usually appearing in the form of a bipedal horse-like creature, they rarely speak to other races. Of all the creatures of the land, the Puca’s Shadowmoor counterpart, the Noggle, is probably the only race that becomes less fearsome as a result of the gloom. The Noggles are diminutive, donkey-headed imps with an over-inflated sense of self-entitlement. They pose no real threat, other than overstaying a welcome and just being a generally prolific pest.

Elemental Manifestations

One of the greatest wonders of Lorwyn is its Elemental Manifestations. Strong emotions (anything from hope and reverence to horror and dread) felt by the races of the plane can spawn avatars of said emotion, usually taking the form of fantastical beasts. As expected, this becomes a terrible problem on Shadowmoor, where most emotions experienced by its inhabitants are decidedly negative…

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