Kappa Casablanca

The Traveling Merchant


A shady character of an unknown race; Kappa is certainly not from the plane of Lorwyn or Shadowmoor. His presence is a mystery.

This strange merchant travels the land selling his wares, which seem impossibly varied for a being with only a few sparse possessions. However, he does not desire gold or jewels… only Elsewhere Flasks, tiny glass vases filled with an odd sparkling dust. These rare artifacts seem to transcend time and space, just like Kappa, and are the only incentive for the strange character to trade his goods.

Metacurrency – Elsewhere Flasks


No one knows Kappa’s story, as he has never stuck around long enough to tell it to anyone. He disappears from an area as quickly and mysteriously as he arrives. One thing is for sure: he is never at a loss for a weapon, gadget, or tool, and his pockets seem impossibly deep… both literally and metaphorically.

Kappa Casablanca

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